No Boring People Allowed!

Our Award-winning Seven Tap-Tavers are cool, friendly taverns featuring craft beers, exciting menus and large screen TV’s everywhere! The name of the taverns originate from Ron Jaworski’s jersey number worn during his long and distinguished NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ron Jaworski’s Seven Tap-Taverns are NOT your ordinary sports bar, they’re for everyone! Especially a great place before and after your round. Not a golfer? Not a problem, our taverns are the place to meet your friends, to watch a game, grab a beer, make new friends and enjoy some outstanding Tavern fare. From our unique martini selections to cocktails and appetizers to three-course meals featuring our chef’s fresh weekly dinner entrees, your palate will be pleasantly pleased and as always we are open to the public!

Visit any of Ron Jaworski’s Taverns conveniently
located throughout Pennsylvania and Jersey!

Newest addition to the Seven Tap-Tavern family…

7 Tap Tailgate